This year All Coverage, Inc. is offering the new Hydrawise Controller package from Hunter Industries.  This new package will provide new, and existing clients to use a more efficient, state of the art, wifi/app capable smart clock.  The advantages to this installation are almost countless but here are a few:
   1 - Both Clients & Contractor will have control of system without the need for additional costs on remotes,
   2 - Less inconvenience of "be-at-home" time, for services; without the need to enter the premises.

    All Coverage will also be offering  a special on the installations of rain sensors.  These sensors will be installed in conjunction with the existing controller, and will adjust start times automatically to accommodate for times when the sprinkler system is not needed.  Standard installations *start @ $99.00.  With future code enforcement in the water conservation area, these sensors will be a mandatory item, so why wait?  Get yours installed today.

    As with all things, technology has it's advancements for those that need to stay on the cutting-edge, All Coverage will Offer and Install the new Hydrawise WiFi capable controller, this controller lets you manage your irrigation system from your computer, tablet or phone!  With these control options, irrigating a beautiful landscape is only a finger tap away.  This WiFi smart controller increases the ease of your contractor/technicians accessibility as well as providing a higher level of end user control & convenience.  Please contact us for more information.

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Last modified: 04/05/19